Some More Haikus For Your Day

When Germans tell you

To stop wearing your bow ties,

You dress to the nein’s.

I have to ask you

Something, Lou, so tell me – Where’s

Mambo Number Six?

Your whole world is a

Lie – technically, every hat

Is a top hat. Boom.

Running away from

Jurassic Park’s attractions;

You’ll be dino-sore.

Fun fact: Bananas –

Add a “D,” it’s “Bad Nanas.”

Fuck it up, Gram-gram.

The phrase “roller blades”

Sounds much scarier if you

Don’t know what they are.

If you were doing

Your job well, Beth, you’d be a

TEETH Fairy, not TOOTH.

“B” is pronounced “bee”

“C” is “see,” “V” is “vee,” but

Somehow, “H” is “aych.”


By Blake

Mean Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Sweaty, smelly, and seeped

In high expectations, while actually

Ending in an unpleasant stickiness

And the need to shower.


Would a rose by any other name be

Just as sweet?

Yes, but it would still be a prick.


What light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and you are the sun.

Hard to look at for an

Extended period of time,

And will eventually kill me

If I spend too much time in your presence.


So are you to my thoughts as food to life –

A distraction from the problems

I should actually be dealing with.

Or as sweet-seasoned showers are to the ground –

You ruin picnics.


O, that I were a glove upon your hand

That I might touch that cheek!

Then I could be used to slap you

As the preamble of a duel.


Let all the number of the stars give light

To thy fair way!

Because, like the stars,

You are gassy and distant.

Exeunt my life, Bethany.


By Blake

You’re Like a Metaphor

You’re like a metaphor.

A means by which to

Evoke feelings beyond description,

Like the beauty of the sun

Or how much of a bitch you are,

And wholly, entirely


You’re like a simile,

Using like or as.

You’re like an ass:

Pretty shitty.

You’re like a stanza.



Way you


Doesn’t make



You’re like alliteration.

Obtusely obnoxious,

Exceedingly ever-present,

And always annoyingly abjective.

(Albeit, attributed with an amazing ass)

You’re like an onomatopoeia.

Though your personality is woof

And your attitude is ugh,

I’d still like to bang you.

You’re like a rhyme.

With an initial chime,

But honestly not worth the time,

Because eventually it won’t be sublime.


You’re like poetry.

Deceitfully beautiful and eloquent

When in reality,

The substance is



By Blake

Some Haikus For Your Day

I drank some spirits

And challenged my kid to jump

Rope: call that hop scotch

Salty taste hidden

By shadows of color, Play-

Doh’s Allegory

“Always bet on black.”

Physicists discussing which

Holes are deadliest

Turn the other cheek

Means very different things to

Strippers and surgeons

When Dora saw her

Foxy ex-boo on Tinder,

“Swiper, Left Swiping!”

A rower, some mist,

And a skeptic walk into

a bar. Oar dew they?

If Hamlet was a

Television censor – “To

beep or not to beep.”

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways: One, ass.

Two, tits. End of list.

When writing haikus,

There’s only one thing to fear:

Running out of syl-

By Blake