A Pimp Named… What?

One evening in January of 1938, the famous playwright Samuel Beckett was stabbed in a small, dead-end street by a pimp who went by the name of Prudent. When asked why Prudent stabbed Beckett, Prudent only had one thing to say – “Je ne sais pas, Monsieur. Je m’excuse.” (“I don’t know why, sir. I’m sorry.”) Rather than press charges on the man, Beckett let him be because he found Prudent to be ridiculously likable. Ain’t that the craziest shit?

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Blake is a student at UNC Chapel Hill and member of the False Profits Comedy Troupe (https://fpcomedy.com/). He feels presumptuous calling it a “team” given how he’s the only one involved, but he’s getting over it.