Dear Lord on High,

Please bless us on this day

With the wisdom to follow Your truth,

Or the strength to repent our sins,

Or worldwide record sales of nearly

Two million and climbing.


Thy Will be Done, oh Lord.

Might you bless us with what we desire,

As you did granting Abraham the life of Isaac,

Or reveal to us the fault in our path,

As you did in 1998 upon the release of

Foxy Brown’s album “10% Dis,”

Which straight up burned Latifah like toast.


Forgive us for our transgressions, oh Lord.

Much like Isaac when

He denied Esau his rightful inheritance,

Or the Queen when she voiced

A lady mammoth in the film “Ice Age: The Meltdown,”

We sinners know not what we do.


Grant us patience, great God above,

For the blessings that await us.

Sarah and Abraham were denied a child

Until Abraham’s one-hundredth year.

Queen Latifah was denied her own

Syndicated daytime talk show

Until her forty-third year.

Both equally difficult challenges of faith

For which a benevolent patience was

Bestowed upon them.


Finally, Lord,

May we always feel your love.

Speak to us as you did Abraham, saying,

“You will be the father of a multitude of nations,”

Or speak to us as you did the Queen of Jazz-Rap, saying,

“Girl, you better sang.”


May we always be in

Communion with you,

Most High and Worthy God,

Until we pass on from this world.

In the words of your creation,

“I’m Gonna Live Till I Die.”


Amen, saith Blake.

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