Dear Diary,

I am so glad I have you, diary, because I need to mark this day in history – Friday, December 14th, 2016 – because today was KRAZY! First thing in the morning, when I went to the bus stop, the bus was already gone! Total bummer, right? I thought the whole day was going to be a suckfest after that. I was able to get a ride to school from Jennifer (ily Jenn!!!), and that’s when my luck began to turn around. Check this – Taylor Swift on the radio ALL. THE. WAY. THERE. I know, major yes, right?!? So we slid into first period right before the bell, and there he was. The HUNKIEST substitute teacher EVER! Honest to God, I couldn’t think about balancing fractions. All I could think about was balancing on those biceps! Teehee, don’t tell anyone! I would DIE of embarrassment if anyone knew. Anyway, second period was blah, as always (Someone tell Mrs. Robins to liven it up a bit, she can be such a *snore*). Lunch was where the day went from okay to FANTASTIC. They had waffle fries. WAFFLE. FRIES. EEEEKK! They only ever have normal fries on Fridays, or sometimes even those orange ones (blech!). I sat with Jamie, Ollie, Natasha, and Toni, as always, and we gabbed about whatever. Third period was more blah (especially with Jack poking the back of my chair with his pencil – we get it, you’re a dork). THEN fourth period, my favorite period of the day, because I get to sit behind Johnny Patterson! Ahh, Johnny Patterson, the boy of my dreams! He’s the good only thing about European Literature, except maybe Mr. Smith’s laughably obvious toupee lol! I could stare at the back of Johnny’s head all day, if only my mom wouldn’t kill me for letting my grades go. I’ll be Rebecca Patterson one day, just you wait! Anyway, that was my krazy day! I only hope the weekend will be as good. Toni and I are having a sleepover on Saturday, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Love love love,

Rebecca ❤


Journal Entry: Rebecca Howard – 12/14/2016, 20:13:57

I don’t trust that fucking diary. She’s going to turn on me, I can feel it in my bones. And that bitch has too many of my secrets to be left unchecked. If she goes rogue, we’re all going down, and I can’t let that happen.

First, I’ll recap you on what I told her; the short version, because I don’t have time to waste here. Missed bus. Transport by Jenn. First period, hunk sub. Would tickle his butt given the opportunity. Second period, blah. Waffle fries for lunch. Hooray. Third period, blah redoubled. Fourth period, reconnaissance on Johnny Patterson. Heart eyes. End of recap.

I’ve been careful in my discourse with the diary. I only let her know what she needs to know, and that’s it. I’ve been leaving misleading evidence to make sure she can’t read my true intentions. I told her not to tell anyone about my infatuation with the stud muffin sub. In reality, I wouldn’t give two shits if she told the whole school about that, but that’s just the point. If she thinks she has the upper hand with that information as blackmail, I can ensure she won’t focus on any real dirt.

The key to this level of recon is not letting them know everything you know. Of course I know the orange fries are sweet potato fries – an idiot with a fridge for a brain could figure that out. But it’s important that she not suspect any more of me than she need to; if she thinks I’m a ditzy girl, then so be it – it’s safer for all of us that way.

Of course I remember what Jamie, Ollie, Natasha, and Toni discussed with me, but the diary doesn’t need to know that classified information. I will share it with you, however, because this discourse needs to be documented. Jamie has expressed interest in an individual by the name of Harry Stein. A person of interest, indeed – curly hair, piercing blue eyes, and as tall as the day is long – exactly Jamie’s type. Natasha expressed dissent in the matter, as she heard from Alissa who heard from Vicki who heard from Mike who heard from Samantha who heard from Vicki again that Harry has a reputation for ghosting on planned events (i.e. dates and the like). While I respect the intel, I trust Jamie’s intuition in this matter, and I know she’ll make the right call in the midst of action.

In summation, I need you to stick by me in this hour of uncertainty. The diary could go rogue at any moment, and we need to be prepared for that eventuality. I will maintain a line of communication with her, just as to not arouse suspicion. We need to keep our eyes open, and prepare for the worst. Signing off.


By Blake

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