You’re like a metaphor.

A means by which to

Evoke feelings beyond description,

Like the beauty of the sun

Or how much of a bitch you are,

And wholly, entirely


You’re like a simile,

Using like or as.

You’re like an ass:

Pretty shitty.

You’re like a stanza.



Way you


Doesn’t make



You’re like alliteration.

Obtusely obnoxious,

Exceedingly ever-present,

And always annoyingly abjective.

(Albeit, attributed with an amazing ass)

You’re like an onomatopoeia.

Though your personality is woof

And your attitude is ugh,

I’d still like to bang you.

You’re like a rhyme.

With an initial chime,

But honestly not worth the time,

Because eventually it won’t be sublime.


You’re like poetry.

Deceitfully beautiful and eloquent

When in reality,

The substance is



By Blake

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